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Transformation of Conflicts Into Problem – Solving

The persons involved in the conflict can being to bear on the problem a greater variety of insights. If the differences are seen as enriching, the individuals involved are likely to come up with a better solution because many problems can be seen clearly only if the individuals who see different aspects may come together and pool their information. When it comes to choosing courses of action for a given problem, differences among the individuals in an organization can help to increase the range and variety of alternatives suggested.


The transformation of conflict into problem solving situation may also help to deal with some of the feeling which often accompany disagreement, frustration, resentment and hostility. The manager using this approach may help to canalize the energy generated by feeling into creative, rather than into destructive activities. For this he should clarify the nature of conflict and give recognition to the feeling of individuals involved. He should also give attention to maintaining relationships between the disputing parties and should create appropriate vehicle for communication among the disputing parties.