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The Sayles Classification


Sayles has classified small groups thus: 

1. Apathetic groups. These groups are composed of relatively low paid and low skilled assembly line workers who lack unity and power and are usually discontent.
2. Erratic groups. These groups are composed of semiskilled workers who work together in groups performing jobs that require interaction. They display considerable unity. In their relations with management they are erratic. The behavior of erratic groups is quite unpredictable.
3. Strategic groups. These groups are composed to skilled employees whose jobs require judgment. Their jobs are not independent and are considered to be key jobs in the plant. Members of strategic groups are usually productive, exhibit high skill levels and display high degree of unity.

4. Conservative groups. These groups are composed of highly skilled workers in the plant. Conservative groups are found at top levels of an organization and display considerable self-confidence. They work on their own and the nature of their jobs is such they can shut down the plant if they so desire.