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The Process of Delegation

The steps in the delegation process have been narrated above. We may have a brief look into their contents.

Business is run for results. The tasks set for the delegates himself and what he assigns (delegates) to the delegates, must accordingly be stated in terms of results.

No holder of a task can ever achieve the results that he is called upon to yield without the means to do so. This ‘means’ is the authority.

If the means is wider than the ends, part of it will go waste or be misused; if it is narrower, Jacks adequacy, the ends will not be achieved. The means must therefore match the ends; authority and the task-results, accountability- must go together.

Finally, no manager (delegator) can or is allowed to abdicate responsibility even for the portion that he has delegated. His responsibility is total and continuous. He must therefore control – enforce accountability – which is another chapter of the art and practice of delegation.