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Sources of Recruitment

The sources of recruitment can broadly be classified into two. They are internal sources and external sources.

Internal Sources

Internal sources refer to the present working force of a company. In the event of a vacancy, some one already on the pay roll is promoted. Filling a vacancy from internal sources by promoting people has the advantages of increasing the general level of morale of existing employees and of providing to the company a more reliable information about the candidates suitability who has already worked with the company on a lower post.

External Sources

These sources lie outside the organization. Entry level jobs are usually filled by new entrants from outside. Also in the following circumstances organizations may resort to outside sources,

  1. When suitably qualified people are not available.
  2. When the organization feels it is necessary to inject new blood into it for fresh ideas, initiatives, etc.,
  3. When it is diversifying into new avenues, and
  4. When it is merging with another organization