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Review Questions – Control Techniques


  1. “Despite the emergence of many modem techniques of controlling, the budgetary control system maintains its unique place in the word of controlling.” In the light of this observation, give an overview of the process, merits and limitations of the budgetary control system.
  2. Give an account of some popular non-budgetary control techniques, with special reference to break-even analysis and ratio analysis.
  3. What is management audit? How is it conducted? How does it differ from interval audit?
  4. Give a brief account of responsibility accounting and human resource accounting, as modem techniques of control.
  5. “Both PERT and CPM utilize the same principles; yet there are differences between the two.” Comment. State the steps involved in designing PERT/CPM, and make a mention of the merits and limitations of PERT/CPM.
  6. What is self-control? Is it the best form of controlling? What are the situations which provide opportunities for exercising self-control?
  7. Write notes on:

(a)    Social audit
(b)   Statistical Reports and analysis
(c)   Operational audit.