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Responsibility for Staffing

As far as the responsibility for staffing is concerned, different scholars have different opinions. Some contend that the responsibility for staffing in an organization should rest upon the personnel department. That is why large organizations have their own personnel departments separately. But some scholars strongly feel that the responsibility for effective execution of staffing of personnel function rests upon all the members in the organization. As Koontz has pointed out, “neither the personnel department nor any other service group is the proper place for staffing function”.

Staffing is the unassigned, unspecified and implied duty of every manager. In small organizations, where staffing process is comparatively easier, the owner-managers or executives perform the entire staffing function on their own. On the other hand, large business firms tend to maintain separate personnel department to look after the staffing function. The personnel department assists guides and directs the line executives in performing the staffing activities effectively. A line manager cannot alone perform all the activities alone-such as selecting the large number of employees, recruiting them, providing those training, fixing their compensation, maintain their wage records etc. in a big firm. A manager may not have sufficient time at his disposal to perform these multifarious staffing functions. Lack of time apart, a manager may not possess specialized knowledge, skills in performing these activities. Organizations relieve the manager by creating a separate department known as personnel department by creating a separate department known as personnel department the primary responsibility of which is to recruit, select and supply the qualified and dedicated employees to various work units in an organization.