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Recruitment Practices in India

Practices followed by various firms on recruitment vary in India. Some of these are briefly discussed:

In public sector, the major sources of recruitment in order of preference are,

  1. Causal callers or employment seekers
  2. Newspaper advertisements
  3. Scheduled t1ibe and scheduled castes
  4. Employment exchanges
  5. Other public undertakings
  6. Internal advertisement
  7. Displaced persons
  8. Relative and friends
  9. Employee recommendations
  10. Institutions

In the private sector, following methods are popular given in the order of priorities.

  1. Advertisements
  2. Relatives of current employers and their recommendations.
  3. Internal sources through promotion and transfer
  4. Employment exchanges
  5. Casual callers

In government sector, both state and central, follow public recruitment agencies via employment exchanges in recruiting lower level semi-skilled jobs. Higher jobs are advertised. Most of the jobs, of late are filled through promotion from internal sources and also through deputations from other organizations. Cadre build vacancies are filled through competitive examinations through advertisement.