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Qualities of a Good Supervisor

The major activities performed by a supervisor are in the areas of (a) assignment of jobs, (b) review of the quality and quantity of the work done by his subordinates, and (c) instructing and inspiring his subordinates on various aspects of the jobs assigned to them. It may be said that a supervisor is an instructor, leader and motivator, all rolled into one. The following are the qualities of a good supervisor.

  1. Knowledge about the organization.
  2. Technical ability
  3. Ability to talk well.
  4. Ability to listen
  5. Ability to memorize
  6. Ability to secure co-operation
  7. Ability for orderly thinking
  8. Ability to judge people
  9. Patience
  10. Economic stability
  11. Ability to instruct and explain
  12. Ability to improve worker’s morale
  13. Ability to enforce discipline
  14. Ability to delegate