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A programme is a comprehensive plan that includes a complex set of goals, procedures, rules, work assignments; resource flows and generally covers a large ‘territory’. It is an aggregate of several related action plans that have been designed to accomplish a mission within a specified time period. A well designed programme covers all actions that are necessary to achieve a mission, and indicates who should do what and at what time. As a single-purpose ‘metaplan’ it shows the major steps needed to achieve an objective, who will be responsible for each step, and the approximate time for carrying out each step. Then it provides a time table of needed action to achieve a specified objective.

Schedules are often combined with programmes to ensure a chronological sequence of activities. Scheduling implies fixing of time of commencing the work, reaching through the different processes and finishing the task. Schedules translate programmes into action in an orderly fashion. In all types of organizations scheduling is necessary to provide for a systematic and even flow of operations. For example, in factory recruitment, selection, training and placement activities are sequenced.