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Process of Motivation


In management parlance, motive and need are used interchangeably. In fact, need is a good point to begin discussion on motivation. A need represent the lack, or absence, or deficit of something within the system or organism. When an individual experiences lack or deficit of something, he looks around his work environment to see if there are any incentive~ or reward for performance of a task which would lead to satisfaction of that need. Thus, a need is personal or internal to a person, while incentives are external. He acts or behaves in a particular manager.

But it is not a random act or unguided behavior. His behavior is motivated or caused. It is directed towards a goal, i.e. satisfaction of his need, or achievement of what he is lacking. With the satisfaction of his need, or achievement of what he is lacking, the mechanism of motivation is complete. Satisfaction of a need restores the balance or equilibrium in the organism, which remains upset and disturbed until the need is unsatisfied.