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Principles of Training

1. Top management should give high priority and take personal interest and decide upon the training policy based on organizational objective.

2. Managerial and supervisory personnel must be made to involve and should be impressed upon regarding the benefits of training.

3. Training programme must be need oriented and be accepted to all concerned.

4. Selection of trainees must be made on ·the basic of interest in the leaving and acquiring skill process.

5. Duration must be short enough to spare the employees without hampering regular/ normal work.

6. The number of participants limited to 15 or 20 in order that they can interact and take active part in the programme.

7. As far as possible supervisor officers of the trainees should not be present in the training are to enable the trainees to express then ideas and opinion freely.

8. Training must be atoned outside the industry and the participants freed mentally and physically from the routine duties.

9. Regular follow up procedure to evaluate the usefulness of the course as well as trainees program.