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  1. 1.                 Principle of the Contribution to Objectives 

Every plan and its components should help in the achievement of organizational objectives.

  1. 2.                 Principle of the Primacy of Planning 

Planning is considered as the first and the foremost function to be performed in the process of management. It is followed by other managerial functions like organizing, staffing, directing and controlling.

  1. 3.                 Principle of the Pervasiveness of Planning

Planning is all-pervasive and it percolates to all the levels of management from top to bottom.

  1. 4.                 Principle of the Flexibility of Planning 

Every plan should be made in such a way that it adjusts an adapts itself to charged circumstances. There must be a high degree of flexibility in every good plan.

  1. 5.                 Principle of Periodicity

Long-term plans, medium-term plans and short-term plans are to be integrated and interrelated in such a way as to achieve the organizational objectives effectively and . economically.

  1. 6.                 Principle of Planning Premises

To develop consistent and co-ordinated plans, it is essential that planning be based upon carefully considered assumptions and predictions, known as planning premises.

  1. 7.                 Principle of Efficiency of Operations

Every plan should be designed with its components like objectives, strategies, policies, procedures, schedules, budgets, etc. to accomplish efficient realization of the plans.

  1. 8.                 Principle of Limiting Factors

There are various limiting factors like money, manpower, machinery, materials and management, which are to be taken into consideration while drafting a plan or taking a policy decision or devising a strategy.

  1. 9.                 Principle of Revision

Every plan has to be executed, and in the execution, managers should check periodically the events and decisions, and if there is any necessity, to redraw and readjust their plan to achieve the organizational objectives. They should make provision for such change.