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There are four important principles of co-ordination which every manager should take into account in discharging his managerial functions . 

a. Principle of Early Start 

  • This principle states that it is very easy and · convenient to achieve Co-ordination in the early stages of planning and policy making.
  • Once this stage is over, and the execution of the task starts, it becomes difficult to secure co-ordination.

b. Principle of Continuity 

  • Co-ordination should be an ever-flowing and continuous process.
  • Starting from planning up to control co-ordination is essential in the entire process of management.
  • It cannot be a temporary or adhoc factor, it has to go on forever, it is a continuing process.
  • Every manager should co-ordinate in all his managerial activities as it is a continuous factor.

c.Principle of Direct Contact 

  • It is always better for a manager to have direct contact with the people to have effective co-ordination.
  • It also provides proper feedbacks and understanding.
  • The problems and potential can be understood better and undue delay can be avoided.

d. Principle of reciprocal relationship

  • All the objectives and efforts of different sectors in an organization should be properly blended.
  • Manpower, materials, machinery, money, market and methodology are interrelated. There should be proper co-ordination among such factors.