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Organization Culture

Organizations have much in common. Yet each organization is unique. Organizational Culture (OC) is the psychological structure of the organization and its sub-units.

OC is also referred to as organization’s climate. It is the internal environment of an organization that forms its climate. This climate has certain values for a set of characteristics. It is an enduring quality of an internal environment which makes up OC.

OC is the set of characteristics that describe an organization, in contrast with other organizations. OC influences the behavior of the people in the organization.

OC integrates individual, group and organization system variables.

Organizational culture is abstract, and Organizational Climate is operational concept.

OC gives a perceived personality to an organization just like individuals with a set of relatively stable traits.

OC, therefore, influences the behavior of its employees towards outside groups.

OC refers to the perceived aspects of an organization’s internal environment. In one and the same organization, there might be differing OC’s. It is due to perceptional differences. Perception, as we know, is a function of values, needs, attitudes, expectations.