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Some of the important factors necessitating co-ordination might be:

i. Large number of people

When the number of persons working in an enterprise is small; Co-ordination is not a serious matter because of mutual understanding existing among persons. However, with the growth in the sizes of enterprises, employing a large number of personnel, coordination has become a complex affair and requires special attention of management in this regard. 

ii. Specialization of work

In the present day times, there is found the phenomenon of specialization in the work of both managers and operators. Specialization in the work of both managers and operators. Specialists, due to over concentration on their limited spheres of specialization, take rigid stands on certain matters and would not like to entertain views of others, howsoever useful, on those matters. Accordingly, increasing specialization pose increasing co-ordination problems for management, too. 

iii. Genuine differences in approach

Many-a-times, people have genuine differences in approach, towards the best realization of common objectives. For example, people in the marketing might emphasize on quality production and aggressive advertising for achieving the same objective.