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Meaning of Delegation

To delegate means to entrust authority to a deputy so as to enable him to accomplish the task assigned to him.

In the words of Louis A.Allen, “Delegation is the dynamic of management; it is the process a manager follows in dividing the work assigned to him so that he performs that party which only he, because of his unique organizational placement, can perform effectively, and so that he can get others to help him with what remains”.

According to E.F.L.Brech, “Delegation means the passing on to others of a share in the four elements of the management process; that is to say, in the command of the activities of other people and in the responsibility for the decision that will determine the planning, coordination and control of the activities of such other people”.

In the words of Koontz and O’Donnel, “The entire process of delegation involves the determination of results expected, the assignment of tasks, the delegation of authority for accomplishment of these tasks, and the exaction of responsibility for their accomplishment.”