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Manpower Planning

Human resources have one unique feature; it is the only human resources which appreciate with time if sufficient care is taken to impart skill and knowledge. Human resources become an asset in the long run. Organizations which employ and utilize other resources can improve the efficiency of operations only when they have trained manpower. Manpower planning and · development on a comprehensive basis assumes greater importance in organizations.

Manpower planning is basically a strategy for procurement, development, and allocation and utilization of an organization’s human resources. Manpower planning:

  • is an on going process (it is not a static exercise)
  • includes the planning and development of human resources.
  • is not just forecasting demand and supply of human resources.
  • is not simply a matter concerned with individual career planning and development.
  • is not just a planning for changing organizational structure.

Though some firms drift along for several long years without paying adequate attention to human resource programmes, but long-term organizational success cannot be achieved without reasonable effort toward manpower planning. The importance of systematic and comprehensive manpower planning is recognized by organization due to the following reasons:

a)      It is vital for determining personnel needs of the organization in future.

b)      It enables the organization to cope with changes in competitive forces, markets, technology, products, etc.

c)      Manpower planning is an essential component of strategic planning.

In addition to the above, manpower planning focuses on the working conditions and relationships in which individuals function. Manpower planning ensures optimum use of available human resources. It also .assesses the future skill requirements of personnel and determines the future levels of recruitment. It provides adequate control measures to ensure that necessary resources are available as and when conditions of business change. Manpower planning also anticipates redundancies and avoids unnecessary dismissals. On the whole, it provides a basis of management and organizational development programmes.