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Introductory Observations International Marketing

In the present-day-management literature, one finds a large number of principles of management and a good number of management theories concerning areas like leadership, motivation, organizational theory, and organizational behavior and so on. However, there is a need, and, of course, an urgent need to develop what we many call ‘ a unified global management theory’ i.e. a theory-


  • Which contains fundamental managerial concepts, principles and techniques – applicable to most of management situations; and


  • Which provides useful guidelines and hints to managers, all over the word, involved in practicing management, in various types of group endeavors, for better managing?


Developing a global management theory is not an easy task or an arm-chair exercise. Yet, with efforts of practitioners, scholars and researchers; it may be possible to develop such a theory; as in the present-day-times, one can notice tendencies towards developing a unified global management theory.