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Introduction – Staffing

Perhaps the most important resources of an organization are its human resources – the people who supply the organization with their work, talent, creativity and drive. Without the competent people at the operational as well as managerial levels, organizations will either pursue inappropriate goals or find it extremely difficult to achieve appropriate goals once they have been set. People are, in fact, the vital resources for an effective organization.

People are the essential ingredient in all organizations, be the organizations business. Governmental, religious, educational and the way in which people are recruited, selected, and utilized by the leadership largely determines whether the organization will achieve its objectives successfully. It is then not too surprising that management is concerned constantly with the management of human resources – with the way in which these resources are developed and utilized, with the assumptions made about them, with the formulation of personal policy, wi th the methods and procedures used in dealing with the company work force. Staffing function of management deals with these aspects.