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Introduction – Motivation


A worker is basically a human being. He is a person first and then only a worker. Every manager has to understand that a worker cannot be considered a mechanical system. A worker has to be inspired and actuated to accomplish the objectives of an organization. To accept an order and to execute it with interest and vigor requires an element of actuating or motivating.

As management is the art of getting things done by the workers, this art of getting work done will depend mainly on whether a person has been motivated properly or not. Motivation creates a sense of responsibility and special interest in the w0rk. It increases the desire to work; it is enthusiasm to work.

To motivate means to provide a motive; to impel people to action; and to create incentives to work. Motivation inspires people to work efficiently and effectively. Technically speaking, motivation is an energizer of human behavior; It is a special urge to move in a particular direction. Motives are also the expression of the needs of a person. With motivation, a person can be made to work willing with zeal and enthusiasm.

A manager has a job not with the products, but with people. He can handle them only when he can understand their motives and motivate them to take the desired actions. So the skill of motivation is vital for successful management in an organization. A manager has to bring the ability of the workers to expression.