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Introduction – Control Process


Control is a fundamental managerial function or process which measures current performance and guides it towards some predetermined objectives. The essence of control lies in checking progress against plans, setting up individual and organizational performance standards, and seeing that they are achieved as per the plan. Henry Fayol states that in an undertaking, control consists of verifying whether everything occurs in conformity with the plan adopted, the instructions issued and the principles established. Its object is to point out weaknesses and errors in order to rectify them and prevent their recurrence. It operates on everything: things, people and actions.

The process of control also involves assessment of present or recent operations to identify desirable changes when performance is found to be unsatisfactory. The essence of control is action, which adjusts operations to predetermined standards, and its basis is information in the hands of managers. There are various possibilities like confusion, mistakes, delay, loss of effort and friction which may result in deviation from the original plans and programmes. So mere planning may not be adequate. Control highlights all such deviations as soon as they appear between the performance and the standards prescribed.