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Introduction – Communication

Communication is essential to minimize conflict, confusion and chaos. It eliminates friction, frustration and helps in motivating people. Communication is a vital link, a process of linking executives to workmen and workers to superiors. It is a dynamic interactive process of connecting people to people. As Raymond V.Lesikar states in his Business Communication, 70 per cent of our active hours are spent in communicating verbally, listening, speaking, reading and writing- in that order.

The term communication is derived from the original Latin word communize, which means “common”. It involves the act of imparting a common idea or understanding to another person and covers any behavior that affects an exchange of meaning. Communication basically refers to the meaningful transmission of ideas to others either orally or in writing. It can also take the form of symbols, codes, electronic impulses or even silence. Communication has become a very significant subject today not only for management experts, but also for technicians, engineers, psychologists, sociologists and organizational theorists.