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Importance’s of Training

Training and development programmes, help remove performance deficiencies in employees. This is particularly true when,

1. The deficiency is caused by a lack of ability rather than a Jack of motivation to perform.

2. The individual (s) involved have the aptitude and motivation needed to learn to do the job better, and

3. Supervisors and peers are supportive of the desired behaviors.

There is greater stability, flexibility and capacity growth in an organization. Training contributes to employee stability in at least two ways. Employees become efficient after undergoing training. Efficient employees cont1ibute to the growth of the organization. Growth reader’s stability to the work-force. Further trained employees tend to stay with the organization. They seldom leave the company training makes the employees versatile in operations. Flexibility is therefore ensured. Growth indicates prosperity, which is reflected in increased profits from year to year. Accidents, scrap and damage to machinery and equipment can be avoided or minimized through training. Further needs of employees will be met through training and development programmes?