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Importance of Motivation


Motivation results in creating a favorable work environment within an organization. It adds the will to work along with the ability to work for a worker. Motivation will act as an activator and energizer by directing the behavior of persons towards the accomplishment of goals. Understanding of motives and motivation theories provides a great deal of insight into the reasons why different individuals exhibit different behavioral patterns. It also helps in understanding why the same person exhibits different reactions to the same stimulus at different times.

Motivation helps in securing voluntary cooperation from workers. It creates the will to work, and confidence in the work force. Motivation helps to satisfy the needs of workers, naturally there will be a sense of belongingness and total involvement on the part of the workers in the achievement of organizational goals. The knowledge and skill of the workers can be used to the best advantage of the organization and there will be increased efficiency.

All this will result in increased productivity and quality of work. Motivated people are the most satisfied people. They will function with a sense of responsibility and commitment to the organization. Naturally, it results in a low rate of labour turnover and absenteeism. A property motivated team will not have unnecessary friction with the management and with its fellow workers. This will help in maintaining very good industrial relations.

Motivation is the drive to satisfy a want or goal, and satisfaction is experienced when the outcome has been achieved. A person might have high job satisfaction, but a low level of motivation for the job, or the reverse.