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Importance of Direction

Direction is both complex and important. It is complex because it deals exclusively with people. While dealing with people a manager quite often than not performs a tight-ropewalk. It is not a simple feat for the manager to direct people at work. Direction is important because in its absence subordinates may not perceive the organizational goals. Subordinates must be communicated what the organizational goals etc., what the employees should do to achieve them, how they should do their jobs etc.

Direction is imp01tant because of the following reasons:

  1. Directing bridges the gap between managerial decisions and actual execution by people.
  2. Direction is the ‘make-happen’ phase of management.
  3. Direction is an integrating function of management as it effectively integrates the individual goals with organizational objectives. In the absence of integration the individual goals may be incongruent with the fundamental organizational objectives. As Koontz and O’Donnell contend’ … people are not primarily interested in enterprise objectives; they have objectives of their own”. In order to manage effectively a manager should integrate the individual goals with the organizational objectives.
  4. Direction facilitates the introduction of changes in an organization. People have a tendency of resisting change in organization; they need direction to accept and implement changes in the right direction for the bette1ment of an organization.