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There are four important benefits of Co-ordination which may be stated as .follows: 

1. Quintessence of management.

  •  Co-ordination is the one word in which all management functions can be summarized.  It is the end result of the management process.
  •  It is an all-important and all-inclusive concept in management.
  •  In one sense, management is primarily a task of co-ordination of all efforts, forces and activities that affect the enterprise from within and without it. 

2. Creative Force 

  •  Management creates something greater, something new out of individuai efforts through its work of co-ordination.
  •  Group efforts, when properly co-ordinated, create a result greater than the sum total of individual and isolated efforts.
  •  The dovetailing and assembling of efforts for a higher accomplishment become possible only when members of the organization participate in the work willingly and whole – heartedly.
  •  This type of composite effort is brought about by executive actions on human relations and leadership. 

3. Unity Of Direction 

  • Co-ordination enables the managers to see the enterprise as a whole from its different segments.
  • In ensures unity of direction by way of securing spontaneous collaboration on the part of different departments.
  • Despite the continuous existence of disruptive forces in all organizations, it is co-ordination that held different segments and parts into one entity, one integrated whole.
  • All members of the organization are induced to view their work from the stand point of the enterprise and objectives. 

4. High Employee Morale 

  •  In addition to promoting efficiency in a number of ways, co-ordination tones up the general level of employee morale and provides job satisfaction.
  •  Orderly nature of operations established through a team spirit and executive leadership permits the employees to derive personal contentment and social satisfaction from the work.
  •  Because of job satisfaction and favorable environment of work, the enterprise can secure the services of good personnel with a steady growth in their capacity.