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The managerial function differs from one type of industry to another and thus the role of the managerial team differs. Nevertheless, qualities of Manager: Intelligence, Motivation. Knowledge and opportunistic. Characteristics desirable are,

  1. Perseverance, hard work and ability to take risk.
  2. Independent, Imaginative, Innovative, Initiative, Creative and Dynamic.
  3. Responsible, Adaptable, self confident, will power and willingness to learn.
  4. Good salesmanship, organising skill, sociability and flexibility.
  5.  Determination to succeed, ability to win friends, crisis management skills.
  6. High integrity, pleasing personality and manners, tactful and composed.

The above manager in perspective, the functions of THE MANAGERIAL TEAM are,

  1. Decision making.
  2. Organizing men and material for execution/production.
  3. Supervision.
  4. Controls and Rewards, Incentives.
  5. Income and expenditure division/costing.
  6. Marketing and Advertisement.
  7. Implementation of innovative ideas from subordinates or of own.
  8. Risk bearing and uncertainty bearing.
  9. Contingency planning.

Most of the above functions form a regular and routine of the managers. The items 7,8 and 9 involves strategically planning, involving more number of heads from various disciplines of management of the organisation or require the consultancy from outside.

Risk Bearing : This is the ability to withstand the effects of calculated planning turning otherwise and made to incur loss(es).

Uncertainty Bearing : The ability to face and act in situations. The worth of natural calamities. Fire, Theft, Unforeseen competition, steep raw material price increase and non-availability or shortage, political turmoil, depression. whims and fancies of clients etc., foqning uncertainties in business.

Thus, a Manager or the Managerial function calls for continuous improvement in the execution of activities, newer ways to be innovated, tested and adopted after suitable modifications, realization of cost component of utilization of various resources, means and methods to reduce frivolous and wasteful resource consumption, time conscious, watch dog of improvements in other similar establishments etc.