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Factors for Conflict

Tensions and conflicts may arise due to many factors such as economic, social and psychological Psychological factors no doubt contribute predominately. For instance, feeling of in securing is a patent cause of tension and conflict. It is generally the case that fear of security is 20% financial and 80% emotional personal earning is not solely the answer to present days growing search for security. Self-knowledge and recognition, beside a source of livelihood, will probably ensure better security.


Conflicts may arise due to lack of consideration, lack of appreciation, misunderstanding or bad handling of situations and problems. Though twentieth century has been credited for having made unprecedented advances in science and technology, the vast fields of human relations still remain unexplored to a good extent. Nevertheless, some industrial enterprises with a view to improve efficiency and effectiveness and to reduce conflict are becoming increasingly conscious of it and want to promote harmonious work relationships. As a result of this consciousness and search we find today greater emphasis on human than ever before.