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 1.      Expert advice: Line executives, and through them the enterprises as a whole, benefit a great deal from the expert advice and guidance provided by the staff officers.

2.      Relief to line executives: Staff executives carry on detailed analysis of each important managerial activity. As such, line executives do not have to undertake specialized investigation of each problem-situation, for which they may not always be competent.

3.      Training of young staff executives: A line and staff organization offers an opportunity to young staff executives to acquire expertise in their respective fields of activity.


1.      Confusion. It may not always be possible to determine the pattern of authority relationships between line and staff executives, which might create confusion.

2.      Expertise not aided by authority. Staff executives may be expet1s in their fields of activity but they only have an advisory role. They lack authority to implement their advice.

3.       Centralization. In a line and staff organization, line executives alone have the power to make and execute decisions. Thus, it tends towards centralization of authority in a few hands.