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Ethics training is a program designed to help individuals better understand the complex ethical issues that are involved in decision making and problem solving and to help them inculcate high ethical standards into their thinking and behaviors. Ethics training is usually conducted in workshops and seminars that are becoming more and more popular. In a typical ethics training seminar, participants are taught to apply the following checklist when confronted with an ethical dilemma (Bennett, 1988).

1.         Recognize and define the dilemma

2.         Get the facts

3.         List your options

4.         Test each option”

(a)        Is it legal?

(b)        Is it right?

(c)        Is it beneficial?

5. Make your decision

Then as one last check, before taking action, the person should ask two more questions (Schermehorn, 1989):

1.         How would I feel if my family found out about my decision?

2.         “How could I feel if I saw my decision printed in the newspaper?

Ethics training is further designed to train people to avoid the four common rationalizations that people tend to use in justifying their unethical behavior (Gellerman, 1986):

1.         “It’s not really illegal”.

2.         “It’s in everyone’s best interests”

3.         “No one will ever know about it”.

4.         “The organiza6on will stand behind me”.