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The word ‘ethics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘ethos’ which means ideal standards of human behavior. Simply defined, ethics mean moral principle; which influence or control one’s behavior and point out whether a particular action is good or bad, in terms of the welfare of others.

Thomas M. Garrett defines the term ethics as follows:

“Ethics is the science of judging specifically human ends and the relationship of means to those ends. In some way, it is also the art of controlling means so that they will serve specifically human ends”. 

Points of comment

(1)        Ethics differ from society to society. For instance, artificial birth control is mandatory in Russia and China; but a taboo (a cultural or religious custom that does not allow people to do   particular thing) in Catholic Christian Societies.

(2)        Ethics differ from religion to religion. For instance, in some religions meat eating is strictly prohibited and regarded as highly unethical; whereas in some religious meat-eating is not at all prohibited and is considered most ethical according to religious standards and values.

(3)        Ethics differ from time to time. For instance, in ancient times, the phenomenon of women taking up jobs in business and other enterprises was regarded as unethical; but in the present-day-times, this notion has changed and women taking up outside jobs are most welcome in society.