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Co-ordination is defined in different ways as follows: 

  • Co-ordination deals with synchronizing and unifying the actions of a group of people. A coordinated operation is one in which the activities of the employee are harmonious, dovetailed and integrated towards a common objectives.
  • Co-ordination is the process by which managers achieve integrated patterns of group      and individual effort. To coordinate is to develop unity if action in common purposes.
  • Co-ordination is an effort to assure a smooth interplay of the functions and forces f all the different component parts of an organization to the end that its purpose will be realized with a minimum of friction and a maximum of collaborative effectiveness.
  • Co-ordination is an act necessary to harmonize all the activities of a concern so as to facilitate its working and its success.
  • Co-ordination is an orderly arrangement of group effort to provide unity of action in pursuit of a common purpose.
  • Co-ordination is a set of human and structural mechanisms designed to link the parts of the enterprise together to help achieve the specified objectives.