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A good objective must be specific. Specificity is a highly desirable quality. Specificity provides direction towards which efforts could be channelized. A company’s objective which reads “to achieve a common condition of employment for all employees, to at least present staff conditions, by 31st December, 1995,” is clearly undesirable as it lacks specificity. Secondly, an objective must be time-bound. “To reduce the selling expenses by 5% in the domestic market by 30 November, 1995”, is clearly specific and time-bound objective. But to formulate an objective such as “to apply work study techniques to methods of working so that 70% of direct employees are achieving 100% performance” is of little use as it does not specify the time limit. Thirdly, an objective should be as measurable and quantifiable as possible. This may not always be possible, but an attempt should be made to formulate the objective in measurable terms. Clearly, an objective like “to improve return on investment onĀ· new product lines” cannot be said to be a good objective.

The other criteria of a good objective are feasibility, rationality and consistency.