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Conflict – IntroductionConflict – Introduction

Traditional management considers conflict as harmful and recommends its suppression. But this view no longer holds good. Conflict can never he wiped off completely. Moreover, conflicts are not all together bad. It has creative elements as well. Therefore, the emphasis should be on harnessing it for improvements rather than fighting considering it harmful. The conflicting parties should approach the conflict in terms of problem solving rather than in terms of “win- lose”. The “win- lose” tendency generates hostilities, rules out constructive solution and the parties think in terms of sectional gains and concession rather than mutual benefits. If conflicts are skillfully handled, they can resolve the problems and improve the human relations in the organization.


They can generate challenging spirit and make the management pool resources to accelerate the pace of progress over coming the speed breakers conflicts and problems are the price of progress. Conflicts, therefore, they can be. If handled properly, they produce creative problem solving situation to help the organization to achieve its goals.


Conflicts continually occur in our social life. They occur at various levels within the individuals in a group and between groups and may have important implication on the work and effectiveness of the persons and groups involved. The nature and intensity of conflict varies from individual to individual, and from group to group and its puts a manager in a very difficult situation. A manager often experiences his most uncomfortable moments when he has to deal with conflicts or differences among people or groups of people at work. Presence of conflict complicates his job is so many ways, therefore, it is of great importance that the manager should understand the conflict and try to handle it effectively.