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Communication Methods

There are three important methods of communication: (a) Verbal Communication, (b) Written Communication and (c) Gesticulation. 

Verbal Communication

It is a face-to-face type of communication involving conversation. Conversation is a natural human activity, and a more effective method of communication. It provides clarity, accuracy, certainty and nearness for communication. Verbal communication can also be made through mechanical devices like telephones, intercoms, dictating machines. etc. In organizations, verbal communication is popular both for downward and upward communication. Instructions, lecturers, orders and counseling are done through verbal communication. It helps in getting quick responses and good feedback. It develops a friendly environment, cooperation and team spirit. In emergency situations, it is the best method of communication. But the problem is distance or misunderstanding. It creates legal difficulties also as there will not be any documentary evidence. 

Written Communication

It is the most important medium of communication. Orders, instructions, circulars, manuals, handbooks, etc., are provided only through written communication. It can be transmitted simultaneously to numerous persons. Workers can also give their suggestions and grievances in writing. Written communication serves as a permanent reference; it is official and more effective; it should be drafted clearly, correctly, completely and convincingly to make it effective.


Gesticulation is a method supplementary to verbal communication. A handshake, a pat on the back, can be effective gesticulation, communicating appreciation or praise.