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Some common difficulties faced in making decisions and implementing them isas follows.

Incomplete information 

This is a major problem for every manger. Lack of information leaves a manageradrift in a sea of uncertainty. Not only this, most decisions involve too many complexvariables for one person to be able to examine all of them fully.

Un-supporting Environment 

The environment – physical and organizational – that prevails in an enterpriseaffects both the nature of decisions and their implementation. If there is all roundgoodwill and trust and if the employees are properly motivated, the manager isencouraged to take decisions with confidence. On the other hand, under the oppositecircumstances he avoids decision-making.

Non-Acceptance by Subordinates

If subordinates have a stake in the decision or are likely to be strongly affectedby it, acceptance will probably be necessary for effective implementation. On the otherhand, subordinates may not really care what decision is reached. In such situations,acceptance is not an issue. Democratic leadership style which encourages subordinatesto suggest, criticize, make recommendations or decide upon policies or projects is aneffective device for gaining their acceptance and commitment.

Ineffective Communication 

Another important problem in decision-making is the reflective communicationof a decision. This makes implementation difficult. The manager should, therefore, takecare to communicate all decisions to the employees in clear, precise and simplelanguage.

Incorrect Timing 

In decision-making, the problem is not merely of taking a correct decision. It isalso of selecting an appropriate time for taking the decision. If the decision is correct butthe time is inopportune, it will not serve any purpose. For example, if the manager wantsto decide about introducing a new product in the market, he should take the decision at acorrect time. Otherwise, he may lose the market to his competitors.