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Characteristics of Authority

The following characteristics of authority deserved special notice:

1.            Basis of getting things done. Authority provides the basis of getting things done in the organization. It refers to the right to affect the behavior of others in the organization with a view to performing certain activities to accomplish the defined objectives.

2.           Legitimacy. Authority is accepted as it has certain legitimacy about it, that is to say, it implies a right to secure performance from others. Such right may be legal or format, or it may be supported by tradition, customer accepted standards of authenticity. The right of a manager to affect the behavior of his subordinates is given to him by virtue of his position or office of the said organization.

3.          Decision-making. It is a per-requisite of authority. The manager can command his subordinates to act of abstain from acting in a particular manner only when he has made decisions as regards the course of activities to be performed by him.

4.         Subjectivity in implementation. Though authority has an element of objectivity about it, its exercise is significantly influenced by subjective factors, such as the personality of the manager who is empowered to use it, as also of the subordinate or group of subordinates with reference to whom it is to be exercised.