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Characteristics – Control Process


Control and planning are inseparable. No business can exist without these twin concepts in some form or other. Control cannot exist without planning and therefore, the planning has to be designed to fit the specification of control. A standard is a type of plan which guides in evaluating performance.

Control is a continuous process. Control is a process of constant revision and analysis of standards, and understanding of the variation between the plans and the performance.

Control is forward looking. One cannot exercise any control over the past. One can only review the past events. Control is possible only of future performance.

Control is all-pervasive. Even though the scope of control varies, control as such functions at all levels of responsibility to execute plans.

Control has a positive approach. Control can never be negative, and it is not an obstacle or a bottleneck; it is a managerial necessity and will help the management in getting positive and successful results.