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According to Schermerhorn, managers should be particular attention to their social responsibilities as grouped under eight topical headings, as follows:

Ecology and Environmental Quality

  1. Pollution clean-up and prevention
  2. Dispersion of industry
  3. Land use and beautification


  1. Truth in lending, advertising, and business
  2. Product warranty and service
  3. Control of harmful products

Community Needs

  1. Use of expertise for local problems
  2. Aid with health-care facilities and education
  3. Service in voluntary groups

Governmental Relations

  1. Restrictions on lobbying
  2. Control of business through political action

Minorities and Disadvantaged persons

  1. Training of unemployed
  2. Equal employment opportunity
  3. Locating plants and offices in minority areas
  4. Purchasing from minority businesses

Labour Relations

  1. Improved occupational health and safety
  2. Provision of day-care centers
  3. Options of flexible working hours 

Shareholders Relations

  1.  Public seats on Board of Directors
  2.   Improved financial disclosure

Corporate Philanthropy

  1.  Financial support for ans and culture
  2.   Special scholarships and gifts to education
  3.   Financial support for assorted charities.