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Appraisal Methods

Following are some of the important and popular individual appraisal methods,

  1. Essay appraisal
  2. Critical Incident
  3. Checklist
  4. Graphic Rating scale
  5. Forced Choice
  6. Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scale (BARS)
  7. Relative Appraisal Method

Essay Appraisal Method

This is the simplest. Here an essay written in regard to employees, strength. weakness, past performance, and suggestions for improvement. The method JS qualitative and not quantitative. In this method it is difficult to compare with others.

Critical Incident Method

Here employees past performance, is critically examined by the rater. Here key behavior is identified which made a difference either doing that job effectively or not effectively. Here specific behavior is under focus instead of assessing individual’s attributes of personality or stating trait characteristics like “intelligent”. “integrity” “courageous”, etc. these words remain quite vague unless qualified to by actions or behaviors which are attributed to such traits. 

Checklist Method

Here a checklist of behavior descriptions is prearranged and each person is evaluated against such list. Rater merely record the list and a separate group can allocate weightages for each list and finally arrive at total points or marks obtained.

Graphic Rating Scale Method

This is the most popular and oldest method. Here lists of relevant factors are listed along with degrees on 5-point or 10-point scale. Rater ticks marks against appropriate degree for each factor I attribute. At the end these points are added.

Forced Choice Method

This is a special type of check list. Rater has to choose between two statements or more, all of which may be favorable or unfavorable. Appraiser’s job is to select that statement which is most appropriate to describe the employee.

Behaviorally Anchored Rating Scales (BARS)

These scales combine major advantages from critical method and graphic rating scale method. Here actual behavior of employee is rated rather than some vague personality or trait characteristics. Secondly each behavior pattern is rated on various degrees either on continuum or point scale (5-point or 10-point for example).

Relative Appraisal Method

Following are some of the relative appraisal methods. Here individuals are compared each others, on their performance. The popular methods are the following.

  1. Group order ranking method
  2. Individual Ranking method
  3. Paired comparison method
  4. MBO & Goal Setting Method