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Advantages of Preventive Control


A preventive approach to controlling, offers the following advantages to an organization.

(i) A basis for managerial training I development

An evaluation of manager, under the philosophy of preventive control is likely to uncover deficiencies in managers. On the basis of the results of managerial evaluation and appraisal, top management can design programmes of managerial training / development to overcome those deficiencies.

(ii)  Encouragement of Self-Control

Preventive control system encourages what may be called ‘control by selfcontrol’. This is so because managers know that their mistakes will be uncovered in their evaluation process; and owning responsibility for mistakes in their hearts, will start making voluntary corrections. In fact, a feeling of self-control turns managers into more responsible personalities.¬†

(iii) Managerial Burden Lightened

Preventive control lightens managerial burden caused due to efforts in correcting deviations, as a result of direct controls. Preventive control, as the name implies prevents deviations from occurring and much saves managerial time and efforts; which, otherwise, would have been wasted in correcting deviations had those occurred.

(iv) Better Superior – Subordinate Relationships

Under preventive control system, subordinate managers know what is expected of them, understand the nature of managing; and feel a close relationship between performance and measurement. Intelligent superior managers will reciprocate this feeling by recognizing what they are expected to evaluate in subordinates and develop techniques for doing so. Anyway, superior-subordinate relationships are likely to improve under the philosophy of preventive control.