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Advantages of Delegation

Delegation offers several advantages. Important amount these are as follows:

1.    Basis of effective functioning 

Delegation provides the basis for effective functioning of an organization. It establishes relationships through the organization and helps in achieving coordination of various activities in accomplishing enterprise objectives.

2.    Reduction in managerial load 

Delegation relieves the manager of the need to attend to minor or routine types of duties. Thus, he is enabled to devote greater attention and effort toward broader and more important responsibilities.

3.    Benefit of specialized service 

Delegation enables the manager to benefit from the specialized knowledge and expertise of persons at lower levels. Thus, purchasing may be delegated to the purchase manager, sales to the sales manager, advertising to the advertising manager, accounting to an accountant, legal matters to a lawyer, and personnel functions to a personnel manager.

4.    Efficient running of branches 

In the modem world, where a business rarely confines its activities to a single place, only delegation can provide the key to smooth and efficient running of the various branches of the business at places far and near.

5.    Aid to employee development 

Delegation enables the employees of business to develop their capabilities to undertake new and more challenging jobs. Also, it promotes job satisfaction and contributes to high employee morale.

6.    Aid to expansion and diversification of business 

With its employees fully trained in decision – making in various fields, the business can confidently undertake expansion and diversification of its activities. Because, it will already have a competent team of contented workers to take on new responsibilities.